Private Investigation Company
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Total Investigations is a fully licensed and insured private investigation company committed to excellence. We are based in the Bay Area but work all over California and surrounding states on a case by case basis.

What makes Total Investigations the company to use?


With over 13 years in law enforcement, our lead investigator has investigated the following:

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Felony Hit and Run with Serious Injury

  • Felony DUI

  • Fatal Collisions

  • Fraud

  • Identity Theft

  • Assault

With successful prosecution in the aforementioned investigations, and more, we have the training and experience to thoroughly investigate your case.


Investigation is our passion. Each case will be investigated with vigor and enthusiasm. Whatever your need is we will get the job done expeditiously and comprehensively.


From drones, to hidden cameras, to collision reconstruction software, to GPS tracking, to undercover vehicles to blend in to any neighborhood, we use modern, state of the art equipment to get your investigation completed quickly and thoroughly.

Why hire a professional investigator?

You might be thinking…can’t I just do an online background search myself?

Popular online “background check” companies simply do not provide accurate information. In fact, a popular consumer website background check company showed our lead investigator to have been on parole while actively being a police officer…it doesn’t get any more inaccurate than that.

Total Investigations has access to databases that only other licensed private investigation companies and law enforcement have access to. We can do anything from reverse phone number lookup, to accessing DMV records on a license plate.


A common concern for some is cost. Without an obvious price index to compare private investigators cost to, some potential clients may feel being at a disadvantage. After a free, no-obligation and confidential meeting, if you decide to commission us you will receive a contract with clear costs and services promised. You may be surprised as to how affordable having your own private investigator would be. You cannot afford NOT to hire a professional investigator.

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