About Us

My name is Samir Haddad and I founded Total Investigations after suffering a career-ending injury while evacuating victims during an active shooter incident. I was subsequently medically retired in the height of my career and was not able to return to full duty. Prior to the medical retirement, I was a police officer for 13 years, in both northern and southern California. Click below for my full credentials and list of certifications.

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Other Investigators

Ashley Loera

As our associate investigator specializing in Genealogical Investigation, Ashley’s ability to unearth familial connections and history is second to none. If you have learned of a deviation in your family tree, Ashley is the investigator for you. Ashley has spent the last 9 years investigating cold and high profile cases.

Jillian Butler

Jillian is a living, breathing version of Google. As our associate investigator specializing in Deep Web Investigations, Jillian is able to locate anything that is currently on the internet. If it has ever been on, or is currently on a website and you cannot find it, Jillian can!